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About the Procedure

Individuals best suited for a tummy tuck are those with a healthy lifestyle but who find that the excess fat and skin in their abdomen area does not diminish with a good diet or exercise. Other good candidates are women who have undergone multiple pregnancies, causing their abdominal muscles to be stretched beyond the point of return.

The procedure most commonly entails an incision along the abdomen, just above the pubic area. A full tummy tuck would include a transpositioning of the navel. An incision is made to separate the navel from the surrounding skin. Then the skin is separated from the abdominal wall, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed, followed by the suturing of loose skin from the left and right of the navel area. This procedure tightens the muscles creating a strong, flat abdominal wall, and the navel is transposed to a more natural position. A dressing is placed over the abdomen once the procedure is complete.


Patients are aided in their recovery through the use of a PainPump® inserted into the abdomen to deliver a continuous flow of anesthetic to the surgical site. This device is used for a few days and greatly reduces soreness.

A support garment assists the skin in healing in a shapely manner and should be worn for six weeks post surgery. The scars will fade over time, but the results will be immediate and desirable.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Patients may opt for a partial or mini tummy tuck if their excess skin and fat deposits are mostly limited to just above the public area, in the lower abdomen. This procedure is less invasive than a full tummy tuck – the skin is separated only between the incision and the navel. The upper skin is stretched down, excess skin is removed below and the upper skin is stitched into position.

Liposuction may be paired with a tummy tick to remove excess fat on the hips, producing an overall better aesthetic.

Recovery time varies but is usually about two weeks long.

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Ellipse Frax 1550

Ellipse Frax 1550

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Renuva® Adipose Matrix


Renuva® Adipose Matrix is a small volume fat transfer treatment. The entire procedure is performed in Dr. Kuy's office and involves tiny injections of allograft fat tissue into one or more affected areas.


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